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DIY Book Flower

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DIY Book Flower DIY Book Flower

Ok, so I am sick of creating crafts for my office. It is still a work in progress, but my Craft ADD has kicked in, and I have decided to redecorate my front entry table (it will be a total transformation when I am done!). I picked up a bunch of old books a few years ago, and they have been setting in a box in the garage ever since we moved nearly 2 years ago. Some of the books are still in great condition, but others have seen better days. So I decided to use some of them for some up coming projects. I have seen images of book flowers all over the interwebs, but have yet to come across instructions on how to make them. So I figured why not give it a shot? My first trial run was a disaster! If you plan on doing these, hot glue is not what you want to use!

Items Needed:

Old Book (or new, what ever ya have on hand)

Tacky Glue…. This was the only glue that worked for me (and I tried a few)


Paint Brush

Jewel for the center

DIY Book Flower

Start by carefully removing the front and back cover ensuring to keep the book binding stays in tact.

DIY Book Flower


Decide how many petals you want for your flower and mark out on the book so you have fairly even petals. (If you are meticulous, you can always count them out… But I don’t have time for that!)

Between where you have marked off the pages, apply a generous amount of glue on both side.

DIY Book Flower


Keeping the pages tight together, roll them towards the center seam of the book. Hold in place for a few seconds to make sure it sticks well. As you go, it helps to have something semi heavy to hold the other petals in place and out of the way.

Ignore my ugly nails. This week I have had so many different colors of craft paint on them I gave up on keeping them pretty!

Ignore my ugly nails. This week I have had so many different colors of craft paint on them I gave up on keeping them pretty!

Continue this process until all of the petals are formed and allow to dry for 4-5 hours. I stood mine up to dry a little bit more, if you do this, put something under the flower so glue does not get all over your surface you are working on.


After the flower is dry, give the edges a nice coat of paint and glue a jewel to the center using more tacky glue! That is it!


This was all around a pretty simple project to do, and I already had all of the supplies on hand, so it cost me ZERO to make! I am saving the book cover for an upcoming project, so be sure to stay tuned!

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