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Easy DIY Scarf

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DIY Scarf  Easy DIY Scarf

I have always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet. As a little girl I would watch my Grandma do these projects, but I just did not have the attention span to actually learn them. Unfortunately, once I was old enough to want to set and learn it was to late. After doing some much needed research I decided that it was time to tackle an easy project. So I decided on taking a baby step and learn how to loom knit.

DIY Scarf  I was actually super surprised how easy it is to do! I did have some bumps along the way, like a yarn that was to thin did not make a very pretty scarf, but after some trial and error I got the hang of it! Since I only had some lighter weight yarn, I decided that I would just do a multi colored scarf, since it was for The Boy, he decided he wanted a camouflage colored scarf. I have made a few other scarves with just two colors and they turned out great as well.

Easy DIY Scarf Since the process can be a bit confusing I decided to do a short How-to video on how to make this super cute DIY Scarf! I am thinking I may be making some of these for gifts this Christmas! For this project all you need is some yarn and a loom, which are pretty inexpensive and have so many uses when it comes to knitting!

DIY Scarf

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