5 Nail Design Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite Hobbies

With your nails, you have a blank slate ready to show off your mini-artistic endeavors but, with an ocean of hues to try, it can be hard to decide where to start. Why not do a polish that reflects your interests?

Here are five great nail art ideas involving your favorite hobbies – from the excitement of online casino playing to the peace of gardening. Just get your favorite nail polishes ready, perhaps some study nail art tools (not compulsory!) and have fun transforming your nails!

1. Feeling Lucky? Casino Night Glam

Is there anything more thrilling than being dealt a fresh hand in a game of online poker, trying to keep your poker face and keep an eye on what your opponents are doing? There are a huge number of people who like to play poker online now, and if you are one of them, you get all the fun of being in a glitzy Vegas casino but can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. Tap into that high-roller spirit of gambling with an elegant casino-themed nail design: one made for the pros. The basic theme is the same for two different skill levels.

Keep it simple and chic: Paint nails black or a rich red, then use a toothpick or a dotting tool to lightly dab tiny white or gold dots along your nails to create the dice pips. Paint a single gold or silver stripe down the center of one accent nail.

For The Adventurous: Paint each nail a different bright color, like one you might find on a playing card. Then use nail art tape or stencils to add tiny spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs to accent nails, then finish with a clear top coat for shine and durability.

Make your nails look extra glamorous: Add a rhinestone or two if you want to feel very fancy indeed.

2. Bookworm Bliss: Literary Layers

Find yourself always lost in a book? Take a stand for your favorite pastime with creative, book-themed nail art.

Page-inspired nail art: Taking inspiration from paper that’s seen years of lovingly leafed-through attention, try coating your nails in barely-there beige or cream. For the final flourish, add some flecks of text with a tiny nail art brush in black or brown.

Chapter titles and quotes: Paint your nails a pastel color and use a super skinny brush to write the titles of your favorite books on accent nails.

Book-themed images: Get creative with your nail art by incorporating graphics from your favorite series. For example, if Harry Potter is your thing, you could have images of Harry’s scar, glasses, the golden snitch, or a magic wand to create your HP-themed nail art.

3. Baking Bonanza: Sweet Treats for Your Tips

Are you a home baker who enjoys creating mouthwatering treats from scratch? Express your love for baking with a fun and colorful nail design.

Sprinkle Surprise: Paint your nails a muted pink or baby blue and, using a dotting tool, apply little balls of color all over your nails, creating a sprinkle effect. You can even mix in some tiny gold dots for added glamor.

Cupcake Craze: Paint nails a light beige or vanilla cream color, and freehand paint tiny cupcakes with colorful frosting swirls and one green dot (as though there’s just a single cherry on top) on accent nails using a rounded brush.

4. Nature’s Canvas: Blooming Beauty

Are you green-fingered? We’ve got two nails inspired by nature. Just pick your favorite flower and say it with nails:

Watercolor wash: Paint your nails light pink, light blue and light purple to create a soft watercolor wash. Paint tiny bud-like flowers or reedy leaves using a small brush in a contrasting color.

Blooming Beauties: Paint nails white or in a pastel color, then use a dotting tool or a stamping set to create single flowers or tiny floral clusters on accent nails.

Pro tip: For a realistic-looking effect, pick out nail decals with your favorite flowers for an easy flower-power look. Or, if you want something a little easier that still reminds you of being outside, try out these pretty cloud nail designs that only require two nail polish shades.

5.  Brushstrokes & Inspiration: Art Attack

Are you an artist? Unleash your inner Van Gogh with abstract, art-inspired nail art.

Abstract Expression: Paint your nails multi-toned, contrasting colors in an abstract, pattern-free way. Think splatters, drips, and thick lines, with golden highlights. The choice of color and its application is all about you this time.

Mini Masterpieces: Paint your nails a neutral color and then create one of your favorite paintings or artistic styles on them using a thin brush. You don’t have to be a great artist for this, maybe just some water lilies inspired by Monet, or some dark blue swirls that are reminiscent of Starry Night?

Rock Your Hobby on Your Tips!

These are just a few nail art ideas – get creative, mix ‘n’ match details, and most of all, have fun. Nails are the perfect place to express your personality and hobbies, so the next time you break out the nail polish, harness your interests for a truly personalized design!

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