45 Impressive Boho Nail Design Ideas For Any Occasion

If you’ve been choosing the same old neutral color at the nail salon but you’re looking for a more exciting way to incorporate your boho style into your nails… this list is for you!

We’ve chosen 45 of our favorite boho nail designs for you to use as inspiration at your next nail appointment. You’ll even be able to do some these designs at home on your own for our DIY girls! 

This list includes everything from the simplest of looks to over the top boho glam. There’s something for every holiday, mood and event!

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45 Boho Nail Design Ideas 

1. Celestial Inspired

For pure boho sophistication, opt for translucent, almond-shaped nails adorned with tiny starbursts and crescent moons. A celestial masterpiece.

Image Credit: @weirdonails

2. Desert Tones

Embrace a desert palette with plant-inspired accents. Round nails painted in white, taupe, yellow, and green are a nature lover’s dream.

Image credit: @safinailstudio

3. Boho Halloween

image credit: @von.resistance

Celebrate Halloween with boho flair. Add tiny tarot cards and gemstones to square-shaped nails for a spooktacular look.

4. Matte Masterpiece

image credit: @rachelhashobbies

Matte square-shaped nails are the epitome of boho chic. A jewel-toned matte top coat and a French tip accent nail are fall must-haves.

5. Cactus Cuties

image credit: @ninanailedit

Perfect for a summer music festival, these cactus-themed almond-shaped nails are a boho summer dream.

6. Goth Glam

image credit: @vasiliki_mpalla

Matte black nails adorned with tiny red hearts and white lines are perfect for a goth-inspired, candlelit dinner.

7. French Tips With A Twist

image credit: @bohobeauty_gdynia

Almond-shaped nails with a black French tip and lace-inspired accent nail offer a modern twist on a classic.

8. Fall Inspired Polka Dots

image credit: @klawzbyjackie

Celebrate fall with boho-inspired colors and adorable polka dots.

9. Abstract Beauties

image credit: @nailsxsophie

Artistic abstract shapes and lines on nude, oval-shaped nails make for an artsy boho manicure.

10. Daisy Delight

image credit: @minimalistmanicure

Daisies symbolize happiness and new beginnings. Add them to your manicure for an instant mood boost.

11. 90’s Vibes 

image credit: insponailsmx

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 90’s, these nails are for you. Add sweet little happy faces and pastel checkers to your nails and feel like you’ve been transported back to 1997. 

12. You Give Me Butterflies: A Whimsical Touch

image credit: @lisa_kon_

Butterflies epitomize the boho aesthetic and free spirit. An accent nail featuring a butterfly, especially in periwinkle polish, adds a whimsical flair.

13. Red, White and Boho: Patriotic with a Twist

image credit: @polishedbypais.

Celebrate the Fourth of July in boho style. Red, white, and blue daisies, checkers, and dots will make you the talk of the fireworks show.

14. Punky Checkers: Edgy Meets Sweet

image credit: @mynailgirlness

Checker patterns are all the rage. Add them to a baby pink base for a manicure that’s both edgy and sweet. Check out the design by @mynailgirlness.

15. Yes Please With A Cherry On Top: Fruity Fun

image credit: @nailart.bycaroline

Swap out strawberries for cherries this summer. A checker and cherry combo adds a playful twist to a classic red manicure.

16. Booooho Halloween: Spooky Yet Sweet

image credit: @sonailz_

Who says ghosts can’t be boho? Add adorable ghosts and flowers for a unique Halloween manicure.

17. Perfectly Polished Petals: Cottagecore Elegance

image credit: @nailartbycaroline.

For the cottagecore enthusiasts, go for a nostalgic, antique look with mini flowers over white polish.

18. Neutral Rainbows: Subtle Boho Dream

image credit: @candys_nails_

Opt for a subdued, earth-toned rainbow for a manicure that screams boho chic. Pair it with a turquoise ring for added flair.

19. Evil Eye Almonds: Mystical Protection

image credit: @nailsbymimit

Ward off negative energy with the evil eye design. Vary the eye on each nail for amplified protection.

These manicure ideas offer a plethora of styles to suit your boho soul. So, which one will you try first?

20 Tangerine Dreams: A Fresh Summer Vibe

image credit: @maria_corrigan

Paint the top half of your almond-shaped nails in a vibrant tangerine hue that fades into your natural nail. This look not only screams summer but also grows out beautifully, extending the life of your manicure.

21 Happy Go Lucky: Smile-Inducing Design

image credit: @polishedbymik.

Brighten your day with a smiling daisy on an accent nail. This simple yet cheerful design pairs well with a peachy pink base, adding a dash of boho flair.

22 Outdoorsy Boho: Nature’s Palette

image credit: @Paging_dr_mani

Showcase your love for the great outdoors with earthy browns and yellows. Add subtle hints of leaves and branches for an authentic outdoorsy feel.

23 You’re a Gem: Moody Elegance

image credit: @lapetite_french

Transform your regular manicure into a moody masterpiece by adding boho-inspired gems to matte black nails. Opt for longer almond-shaped nails for added drama.

24 Dot Dot Dot: Simple Yet Chic

image credit: @elenismakeupland

Sometimes, less is more. A few strategically placed dots can make all the difference, offering a boho touch that works for any season.

25 Citrus Girl Summer: Fruity Fun

image credit: @blyssnailsupply

Celebrate summer all year long with intricately drawn citrus fruits in a boho color scheme. Oranges and grapefruits never looked so stylish.

26 Eclectic Animal Print: Mix and Match

image credit: @the_tinypainter

Why limit print mixing to your wardrobe? Opt for short, square-shaped nails and adorn them with a blend of animal prints, checkers, and line designs.

27 Lavender Haze: Feathered Fantasy

image credit: @the_tinypainter

Elevate a lavender manicure with feathers and tiny triangles. Select a few nails for these boho accents and achieve a dreamy lavender look.

28 Boho Valentine: Love in the Air

image credit: @blyssnailsupply

Make every day Valentine’s Day with adorable hearts on a milky white base. Vary the number of hearts on each finger for a unique boho twist.

These manicure ideas offer a diverse range of styles, perfect for anyone looking to infuse their nails with a boho spirit. So, which one has caught your eye?

29 Sophisticated Confetti: Party-Ready Nails

image credit: @carooline.e.

Confetti isn’t just for kids’ parties. Add a sprinkle of gold flecks over a matte pastel base for a look that’s both sophisticated and festive.

30 Reputation Era: For the Boho Swifties

image credit: @madsnail.ut

Channel your inner Taylor Swift with tiny snakes painted over a vibrant yellow base. Perfect for those embracing their “Reputation” era.

31 Little Details: The Essence of Boho

image credit: @kolorenailstudio

It’s all in the details. Elevate a standard manicure with delicate designs over a pastel color palette. Keep some nails design-free for a balanced look.

32 You’re So Golden: Sun Goddess Vibes

image credit: @erinail_1004

Gold leaf isn’t just for art; it’s for your nails too. This manicure features unique gold leaf designs on each nail, exuding boho sun goddess energy.

33 Simple and Sweet: Less is More

image credit: @lea_lea_bella

Sometimes, a tiny boho accent is all you need. This clean and simple manicure is versatile enough for any occasion.

34 Orange Accents: Everyday Boho

image credit: @nailsbylina239

Subtle orange French tips with tiny dot accents make for a chic everyday look. The orange and taupe color combo is a winner.

35 Spring Fever: Wildflower Fantasy

image credit: @nailgrind

Spring is a boho girl’s dream season. Opt for pastel nails adorned with spring-themed accents for a look that’s pure boho Easter.

36 Yee Haw: Country Meets Boho

image credit: @keepinitreal

Planning a Nashville bachelorette bash? Add cowboy boots, hats, and cacti to neutral, almond-shaped nails for a country-boho crossover.

37 Mix and Match: Boho Palette

image credit: @tamaminails

Why settle for one design when you can have multiple? Mix and match different nail designs and colors for a signature boho look.

38 Vacation Boho: Neon Tropics

image credit: @the_tinypainter

Who says boho can’t be bright? Neon French tips paired with a tropical accent nail are perfect for island getaways.

39 Tex Mex: Desert Dreams

image credit: @marbelliaongle

Embrace the coastal cowgirl aesthetic with a southwestern-inspired manicure that makes you want to sleep under the stars.

Whether you’re a boho purist or just dabbling in the style, these manicure ideas offer something for everyone. So, which one will you try next?

40 Comme De Garcons Inspired: Fashion Meets Nails

image credit: @lemonails_

Inspired by the iconic fashion brand, these understated boho nails are versatile and utterly charming.

41 Orange Grove: Citrus Chic

image credit: @msannie.nails

Oranges, branches, and crescent moons on a taupe base make for an unexpected yet delightful boho-citrus fusion.

42 Candy Stripes: Sweet and Vibrant

image credit: @wanderingwandacustomnails

Bored of neutrals? Opt for candy-striped nails that evoke childhood Christmas memories. Best suited for short, square nails.

43 Birds of a Feather: Gold Details

image credit: @miss_sophie_official.

Gold and intricate details are a match made in boho heaven. Paint delicate gold feathers on natural nails for an ethereal look.

44 Marbled Marvels: A Touch of Glam

image credit: @chipeee_chiko

Neutral marbled nails get an upgrade with detailed designs and tiny gems. These nails are best showcased on a longer, square shape.

45 Shine On: Glimmer and Glow

image credit: @lemonails_

For those who love to shine, this manicure is for you. The design details are yet to be revealed, but one can only imagine the glimmer and glow it will bring.

From fashion-inspired to citrus chic, these boho nail designs offer a plethora of options for every mood and occasion. So, which one caught your eye?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure my nails will give off boho vibes?

As you can tell from our list of boho inspired nails, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing boho nails that fit you and your lifestyle. The best way to ensure you’re getting a boho vibe with your manicure is to be subtle with your pops of color and adding intricate designs where you can. 

If you’re feeling unsure about what colors or designs to choose, stick with a neutral color palette and a couple tiny designs on an accent nail, you can’t go wrong.

Does nail length and shape matter when it comes to boho nails? 

No! You can choose any length or shape you’d like when it comes to boho nails. The brighter and louder your boho color and design choices are usually saved for shorter nails whereas the more neutral and simple colors and designs work well for longer nails. However, boho means being free to be yourself,so pick the type of nails that you love and think look best on YOU! 

Can you go to any nail artist for boho nails?

Yes and no! If you’re looking for something very specific or detailed we highly recommend searching instagram in your area for nail artists who post work similar to what you’re looking for, that way you’ll know they can give you the manicure you want! 

For simpler looks and easier designs we recommend you bring your nail inspo picks with you to your local nail salon, most nail techs should be able to give you what you’re wanting!

Be a Boho Babe

We hope this list inspired you to become the boho babe you’ve always wanted to be or at least wear your nails like one! From bright summer colors to moody winter vibes, there’s a boho nail design for every event, season and lifestyle. We’re betting you saved at least a few of these inspiration pics for your next manicure appointment! Enjoy our list and remember that boho is a state of mind and a freedom to be whoever you want to be! XOXO  

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