The Best Books of 2024 To Read Now So Far

Our curated selection of the top books for 2024 is a refreshing departure from predictable recommendations—think of it as the antithesis to your typical algorithm-generated lists. We pride ourselves on the sheer diversity and slightly unconventional nature of our picks, reflective of our wide-ranging passions. In an era where digital tracking has become the norm, dictating choices based on your latest online activity, we offer an alternative approach to discovery.

Best Books to Read in 2024

1 The Limits by Nell Freudenberger

What is the best book to read this year? The Limits. Taking place against the backdrop of both the bustling streets of New York City and the serene French Polynesia, the story unfolds around a family navigating the tumultuous year of 2020.

Stephen, a hardworking heart surgeon based in New York, balances his demanding job while adjusting to life with his pregnant new wife. Meanwhile, his former spouse, Nathalie, is an esteemed scientist stationed in Tahiti immersed in critical research on the bleaching of underwater corals.

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2 Cocktails with George and Martha by Philip Gefter

“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” erupted onto the Broadway scene in 1962, becoming a pivotal moment in the annals of American drama. The play, penned by Edward Albee, captured and shocked audiences with its raw depiction of matrimonial strife. Stephen Gefter’s examination into the play’s lifespan, from initial drafts to the 1966 cinematic adaptation helmed by Mike Nichols, artfully weaves together societal narratives, critical dissection, and tinseltown whispers, uncovering the narrative’s enduring draw. Central to his exploration are the entwined lives of three couples – Albee and his partner William Flanagan, Nichols and film producer Ernest Lehman, and the famed Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who led the film’s cast – shedding light on the timeless nature of Albee’s insights.

3 The Heiress by Rachel Hawkins

What is the 3 most read book in the world? Hailed as the master of modern Gothic intrigue, Rachel Hawkins is set to captivate us once more with her upcoming nail-biter, “The Heiress”. This time, the spotlight shines on Jules and Camden McTavish, a dynamic duo ensnared by the enigma of a surprise bequest on a sprawling estate amidst the haunting Blue Ridge Mountains. Cam, who once shunned his legacy from his adoptive mother Ruby, is now forced to face the shadows of his history. But in his inevitable reckoning, he’s about to uncover a truth far deeper than mere possessions; a legacy intertwined with our ancestors’ darkest misdeeds. What awaits is a chilling revelation that bloodline binds not just wealth, but the transgressions of those before us.

4 The Atlas Complex by Olivia Blake

Olivie Blake’s thrilling trilogy reaches its climax with “The Library of Alexandria.” Libby’s dramatic re-entry to the contemporary world leaves the six recruits once again facing the deadly stipulations of their initiation—the necessity for a sacrifice. Although their two-year stint enclosed within the library’s walls is over, their tale is far from its conclusion. Released into the greater world, they grapple with the moral implications of their vast powers, with some finding deceptive solace within the archive’s confines. Concurrently, an unexpected duo teams up to sway international politics. Amid these brewing storms, the impending sacrifice casts a dark shadow, testing both new and longstanding allegiances as the fatal contract looms close to claiming its due.

5 Cahokia Jazz by Francis Spufford

In the artful pages of this detective novel, you’ll find an intriguing world where the classic noir archetypes — a gritty detective with a taste for fine art, a woman cloaked in mystery with a dark past, and an ambitious reporter on the hunt for the scoop of the century — come to life in an era echoing the vibrance of the Jazz Age.

Imagine an America where history has taken an alternate route: here, Native Americans stood resilient against smallpox, giving rise to the formidable, enduring nation of Cahokia, now seamlessly a part of the United States. This re-envisioned nation glosses its names from our own familiar map, with St. Louis is portrayed not as a bustling hub but as a quieter town—though still home to the renowned poet T. S. Eliot. By the way, FictionMe also has alternative versions of this book from users. Some of them offer a more interesting ending.

6 The Tower  by Flora Carr

This novel, rooted in historical fact, unfolds on a Scottish isle in the tumultuous late 1560s. The narrative chronicles a year in the life of Mary, Queen of Scots—held captive by insurgent forces, separated from her son, the heir apparent King James. Pregnant with twins after being violated by the man she was coerced to marry, Mary faces further despair following a heartbreaking miscarriage. However, her resolve to break free from her confines remains undaunted. Conspiracies bubble below the surface: Could a daring leap from a tower, an alliance with a noble visitor, or a humble disguise give her the chance she seeks? Her loyal ladies-in-waiting share her captivity and are unwavering in their mission to assist Mary in her bid for liberation and her quest to regain her rightful sovereignty.

7 Come and Get It by Kiley Reid

Kiley Reid delivers another page-turner that rivals The Secret History in her latest novel, following her widely celebrated debut, Such a Fun Age. Set in 2017, the story centers around Millie Cousins, a diligent senior resident assistant at the University of Arkansas. Millie’s aspirations are straightforward — finish her degree, secure employment, and own a home. However, her life takes a sharp turn when the enigmatic visiting professor and author, Agatha Paul, offers her a chance at something extraordinary. Suddenly, Millie is plunged into a high-stakes milieu brimming with lavish wealth, spiteful schemes, untamed indiscretions, and abundant misdeeds.


No matter how much free time you have, now you know how to use it to your advantage. These books will provide a fun way to pass the time in 2024, and at least most readers will find something interesting here.

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