30+ French Tip Nail Designs To Rock This Year

French manicures are so in! With their thin design, they give you that natural look that is super trendy in 2023 and beyond.

Think of this – very chic, elegant, almost luxury type of look that’s not as noticeable. But just because it’s not flashy, DOESN’T mean it has to be boring.

French nail art is evolving. The new-gen French manicure is fun… from matte, to chrome, to shadow French.

Wait… did someone say glazed doughnut?! But seriously… my favorite is probably split French manicure. Even Gigi Hadid wore a rainbow of French tips (by the nail artist Mei Kawajiri) on her 26th birthday!

French nails are perfect for a wedding, date night, even an interview. It works for pretty much any event.
And… since the French came back with a twist (not in the way YOU remember it), there are more ways to wear the style now.

Its not basic if GIGI HADID did it. GIG just brought French nail art back but with a twist to it. She posted a vibrant color French tips (by nailsbymei) and we can’t get enough.

Hold me cup, while I quickly go and get all my funky nail colors out its colors season. Let me welcome you to the world of new funky, trendy and viral French nail art design.

30 Best French Tip Nail Designs

1. Serene and shimmer

Image courtesy of @elene_nail_art

With the light green French tips and a hint of gold, let your inner diva shine through.  It’s a top nail corner with a bottom nail corner design outlines by the golden glitter. It’s elegant, with a touch of funk added for you to rock a semi-formal event and let the serenity take over.

2. Pastel Party

Image courtesy of @saracascioli_nails_

This funky pastel painted French tips have a zebra pattern which is giving them textures look, perfect for day-to-day café hopping or college attire.

This pastel party is a must-attend for all the girls with colorful personalities.

3.Piece of Art

Image courtesy by @n_adanails

Wear this piece of art on your nails and bewitch the crowd around you.

This top and bottom corner design is finished with a thick golden outline to give it a dreamy look.

Express your inner artist with this artistic design, perfect to wear on an evening event with a gown.

4.Beauty and the Art

Image courtesy by @setsbycelestia

This belle-vibe nail design has yellow French tips with transparent base and little golden dots added at the base of the French tip with small flower drawn on the middle finger.

Put a yellow dress on with a red rose in your hand, and voila, modern-day Belle is ready to attend the balls of 2023.

5.Old is Gold

Image courtesy by @nailsbyhanoti

The Classic French nail design is a symbol of elegance and grace.

With plain white oval French tips and a clear nail base it all the grace you need.

6.Pink Zebra

Image courtesy by @cindypaola.nails

If you want to keep it simple yet trendy, go for this pink zebra French nail tip.

A clear nude pink nail base and a bright pink French tips have a light pink zebra design that will give you a vibrant look while keeping it to a minimum.


Image courtesy by @marian_carmen_nails

Square nail shape, clear brown nude nail base and white French tip have some tiny white dots added at the base to give it some major snowflake vibes.

It’s are perfect for a semi-formal setting. To enhance your day-to-day beauty and show your minimalistic choices.

8.Shine Bright like a diamond

Image courtesy by @chrismarnailedit

A bold but elegant look with a lot of stones at the plain tips of the middle two fingers and white French tips on the rest of the fingers go perfectly with clear pink nail base.

So, let your wild side take over the party with this design.

9.Summer Siesta

Image courtesy by @Rebekahxpritchard

Beautiful design with nude brown nail base and purple flower petal on the top corner with the orange center and plain purple petals drawn on the bottom corner.

This design will turn you into a piece of art with its vibrant color combination and graceful finishing. 

10.With a Dash of Gold

Image courtesy by @nailsbyj03

Less is more, these plain green French tips for the thumb and first two finger and whole nail covered with green on the last two fingers with a dash of gold sprinkled on it.

Add a little dash of gold into your life with these gracefully beautiful nail designs.

11.Basic or Baddie?

Image courtesy by @manuelanails__

The classic French nail design with a little twist has two small diamonds at the base of the nail and a French nail tip outline on the middle two fingers, with a brown nude nail base.

12.Barbie Vibes

Image courtesy by @nailssbychio

The light pink French tips with bright pink polka dots and a clear pink nail base are giving major barbie vibes.

But to give it a twist there is a half flow with a diamond in center is added.

Wear these statement designs to your cocktail party, a girl’s brunch, or one of your girls’ hangouts in the club, and bring out your barbe vibes.

13.Let’s quickly add some quick silver

Image courtesy by @picksbynoor

Plain metallic silver French tips, with brown nude nail base is nothing too fancy but it’s all you need to make it look wild.

14.Black Magic

Image courtesy by @oo.nailz

Nude pink nail base with alternate black tip and a swirly black pattern, finished with a diamond at the base of the nails, is giving it a sweet, spicy, and everything-in-between vibe.

15.With the cherry on top

Image courtesy by @nailsbycheloo

This year is all about cutesy little things that fall in the same category.

The sweet pink bow and a cherry on the middle finger boost this green French design with the pink nail base and a green French tip.

16.Black Butterfly

Image courtesy by @atieh.nails

The black French tips and hollow butterflies in the middle two fingers combine cute and elegant this season.

Black grace is natural, and the added butterfly makes it pop out, with the studs between the wings and in the center completing the look of perfection for this design.

17.A little glitter never hurt no one

Image courtesy by @nailsby.denice

This bright and vivid burgundy color French tips with the sparkles drawn in the center of golden glitter and the finishing of light pink glitter in the tips makes this design stand out among all the other designs.

Don’t forget to get yourself this design for your next date night.

18.Fly like a butterfly

Image courtesy by @Rinesanailart

These classic French tips have a little twist of a pink butterfly with a black outline to make it pop out. It’s a plain, daily design to carry with any outfit while making a statement about yourself.

The butterfly trend is forever going; if you had a butterfly in black, you must have one in white, too.


Image courtesy by @Rinesanailart

Pink French tips with small diamonds in a triangular pattern on a pink nude nail base give these nails a classic but bedazzling effect.

The plain baby pink French tips balance out the shine of the diamond, creating a perfect look to make your not-so-casual even into a special one.

20.Red Grace

Image courtesy by @dagmara.zajaz_

And what better way to finish the list than with these graceful red nail designs?

Plain red nails on the first and last finger, a red French tip and a flower red design on the third finger, is the most versatile design you need.

This red color makes it look hot and classy at the same time. 

French Nails, Basic or Baddie?

Frech tips have made their way into the world of bold, wild, and vibrant colors & designs and we are all for it.

From studs to glitter to patterns these French nail art designs have it all, but wait, it gets better, you can literally draw any design on them too. Think of all the art you can create for your nails.


1.Which nail shape is best for French nail art?

Trinationally, French nail art used to be done with an oval nail shape, but the modern French nail art it is widely done with square and oval both nail shapes.

Some designs work well with an oval shaped while some look the best with a square shape.

 However, this is no fixed rule as to which shape must be chosen for French nail arts. It mostly depends on your preference and your nail aesthetics.

2.Which nail base color goes best with the French nail?

Previously French nail art used to be done with the nude shades of pink, peach and brown. It ranged from clear pink, peach, and brown to baby pink and darker shades of peach and brown.

Lately, the French nail art has been done with very wild colors as the nail base, from burgundy, to red, to golden and even black.

People are now experimenting the designs with all the wild colors out there, including lighter and darker shades.

So, in the end it all depends what color is your preference and what color suits you the best.

3. What are the French nail arts suited best for, A formal or a causal occasion?

French nail art designs have been very subtle and elegant to go with formal as well as causal events.

The French nail art designs we see now, however are in a vast variety of designs and colors.

Depending on the color, length of nail and the design of the nail art, you can choose to wear it to causal or a formal event.

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