Can You Mix Two Different Brands of Hair Dye? (Pros & Cons)

Have you grown tired of your current hair color? Have you visited a beauty supply store in search of the perfect hair color, only to leave disappointed? Well, we’re here to discuss if you can mix two different brands of hair dye together to achieve your desired color. 

Here’s what you should know about mixing two different brands of hair dye. While mixing two different brands isn’t recommended by professionals, it is possible, and you can get a new hair color as the final result.

When mixing two different hair dye brands, you can create a chemical reaction. When choosing the right hair brand colors to mix, you should focus on hair tones, hair colors, and shade levels. Lastly, when combining two different hair dye brands, you’ll want to thoroughly follow the instructions that are on the hair dye box to ensure the best results. 

Can You Mix Two Different Colors of Hair Dye?

If you’ve been wondering if you can mix two different brands of hair dye colors, the answer is yes! Sometimes, people combine two different brands of hair dye to get the shade level that they want that might be difficult to see from the box. This makes sense, but in other circumstances, if you need to offset undertones, you might need to use an additional color.

Choosing the Right Colors to Mix Together

10Lightest Blonde
9Very Light Blonde
8Light Blonde
6Dark Blonde
5Light Brown
3Dark Brown
2Darkest Brown

Hair Shades

Choosing the shade of colors to mix together is an essential step to take when mixing hair dye. Selecting the right shades of colors will determine how your hair dyeing process turns out.

When mixing two different hair brand colors together, you need to pick colors that complement the shades. There are ten hair shade levels you can choose from that range from light to dark; some brands, however, have twelve levels. To achieve your unique color, you might need three levels: darker or lighter

Hair Tones

When choosing your hair tone, you can use three different types: cool, neutral, and warm tones. Cool tones have pigments of blue and green and are often known as ash tones. These types of tones are challenging to see in a darker shade.

If you’re at a higher shade level, you’ll see a champagne or icy blonde color. When referring to neutral tones, neutrals are situated between cool and warm tones. Neutral tones suit most hair color types.

When working with warm tones, warm tones dominate red and orange colors. Warm tones create brown shades at lower levels.

So, can you make two different hair dye brand colors? This isn’t an issue, but you need to ensure each color suits the other. If mixing two different colors in two shades, you should ensure you’re choosing the color in the same tone.

Choosing different tones will help you adjust your color, so if a warm color is what you want, choose no tone and mix it with golden tones.

Trial & Error

If it’s your first time mixing hair dye brands, and you’re unsure of what results to expect, you should try mixing colors on a small section of your hair. When mixing, you should only mix a tiny bit of hair dye you intend to use.

If you want to start small so that it’s unnoticeable, apply the mixture underneath your hair, just in case you need to adjust the color in the future. 

Can You Mix Different Brands of Hair Dye?

While you can mix different brands of hair dye, it’s not recommended, even though most people do. As we mentioned earlier, some brands have ten shade levels, while other brands have twelve shade levels. Additionally, the ingredients in each hair dye brand might be different.

If you mix two different hair brands together, you might create a harmful chemical reaction that can damage your hair.

If you have two other brands of hair dye and don’t have the budget to buy another box of hair dye, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. If you’re unsure of where to begin, contact a professional hair colorist to see if you can mix the two hair brands together. 

How to Mix Hair Dye Colors

When mixing two different hair dye brands together, you should always make sure you have the proper tools before you begin, which typically include a bowl, brush, and hair dyeing gloves.

After you put on your gloves, place your two hair dye colors into a bowl. Each color ratio is essential, so you should know the formula of your hair dye before you begin to mix it into the bowl. If the hair dye brands don’t have a formula, you can use the 1:1 ratio unless you have a different color in mind.

Lastly, you must use the mixing brush to mix the hair dye colors so there are no lumps. Once mixed, add your developer with your 1:1 ratio until it’s smooth, then apply it to your hair.

The Upside of Mixing Two Different Hair Dye Brands

When you go to the store to shop for hair, there are several brands to choose from. While you may have every intention of sticking with one brand, you might have an idea to choose a different brand. Here are some of the upsides of mixing two different hair dye brands.

One of the main benefits of kicking two different brands is that you can create a new color that you might not find when searching the selection of hair dye brands. When you use different shades, you can create a new hair dye color.

Another benefit of mixing different hair dye brands is that it will cover unwanted hair colors more efficiently. If you notice gray strands on your head, mixing two brands can cover them up better. 

Downsides of Mixing Two Different Brands of Hair Dye

While there are some benefits to mixing two different brands of hair dye, there are also downsides that you should consider before you start.

One of the main downsides of mixing two different brands of hair dye is that you might not get the results that you want. When you combine two different brands together, they might not work well together, and not only could they create a chemical reaction, but it may cause your hair to discolor.

In some circumstances, mixing two different brands of hair dye could also cause permanent damage to your hair. Another downside to combining two different brands is that the process is unpredictable. The final color might be difficult to achieve, and you may experience adverse side effects.

Tips When Mixing Two Different Hair Dye Brands

When you want to dye your hair, there are different colors and brands you can choose from. If you want to mix two different brands together, there are some tips you should keep in mind. By making sure you follow these tips, you can ensure that you get a gorgeous end result and a color that looks natural.

  1. You should always perform a strand test to ensure you’ve blended the two colors correctly. To a small area of your hair, apply each color separately and let it dry thoroughly before mixing them together. If you notice the colors look fine when mixed together, then you can dye your hair with the new color.
  2. You should consider the undertones of each brand of color. If you’re someone who has red colored hair and wants to dye your hair blue, you might get a darker shade of blue or a purple shade as a result.
  3. Read the instructions of your hair dye brand thoroughly.
  4. Apply the hair dye evenly over your entire hair area. You can apply hair dye on wet or dry hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you mix two different hair dyes together?

You can mix cool or warm tones together with natural colors to add a reflect, but always choose the natural color first.

2. Is it okay to mix two different hair dye brands?

If you’re mixing two shades of hair dye, it’s probably not a great idea to mix two different brands. When using two different brands, you could create a chemical reaction.

3. Can you use two different hair dyes?

While the FDA hasn’t placed a warning on using two different hair dyes, it’s best to consult a professional colorist first.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been considering mixing two different hair dye brands, you can expect to see a new, unique color. When combining two different brands of hair dye, you’ll want to focus on hair shade levels, hair tones, and hair color.

While you can mix two different brands of hair dye, it’s best to consult a professional hair colorist to find out which brands are best to mix together. Each hair dye brand may have a ten-shade level or a twelve shade level.

With the help of our guide, you’ll know what to expect when you mix two different hair dye brands to achieve your unique hair color. 



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