16 Best Summer Orange Nail Designs

Orange nails; the concept is different and bold but worn by some of the most famous celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner and Kesha! Kendall sports the bold orange, while Vanessa goes a bit more eccentric, painting each nail a different shade of orange. It’s no surprise that orange is so popular as it symbolizes upbeat, … Read more

Why Do My Nails Hurt After Getting Them Done? (How Long & What To Do)

Nail enhancements, like acrylics, gels, or fancy nail designs, can turn our hands into unique art pieces. But here’s the thing – sometimes, you might notice some unexpected discomfort after getting your nails done all fancy. Ever wondered why that happens? According to professionals, your nails may hurt after getting them done due to the … Read more

Makeup or Hair First? The Surprising Answer You Need to Know!

Ah, the age-old question that’s been buzzing around the beauty world: Should you start your glam session with hair or makeup? Well, fellow beauty enthusiasts, you’re not alone in pondering this. People have debated this for ages, and it’s a topic that’s close to every makeup artist and beauty pro’s heart. It’s best to do … Read more