23 Dreamy Cloud Nail Designs You’ll Love

Let’s be honest; 2022 was all about chrome glazed manicures, trippy aura nails, and galaxy nail art. But this year, a more natural type of nails is all the rage… the dreamy cloud nails.

Cloud nails are a trendy and creative nail art style that makes your nails look like fluffy white clouds. To achieve this look, you can use white nail polish to paint cloud-like shapes on your nails, which can be on a colored or clear background.

Cloud nails are all the rage right now. Although I thought it was kind of a weird idea at first, I now love dreamy cloud manicures.

To show you some inspiration on what designs look best with cloud nails, I’m sharing my favorite cloud nail art designs that will transform your nail game! Life is just too short for boring nails!! 😊

Best Cloud Nail Designs

1. Matte Grey & White Clouds

This is a sleek and modern take on cloud nails. The cool muted tone of gray, paired with the wispy white clouds adds dimension creating an overcast night kind of look.

Image credit to @RobynSchwartz

2. Multi-colored Clouds

Wow! Who else loves a vibrant manicure! These nails are to “dye” for. Ok I will stop with the jokes, but the colors on these beauties are something out of a painting. Someone looking for a good set that’s different should investigate this!  

Image credit to @iheart_nails

3. Blue French Tipped Clouds

If you love French tips and are looking for something different, then look no further. These blue cloud tips are a twist on the classic French tip creating a more vibrant and appealing look.

Image credit to @mrose_86_nails

4. Rainbow Colored Clouds

Want a manicure that is different and playful? Then rainbow cloud designs are where you should focus. These bad boys are not only colorful and enjoyable to look at, but they are something that will set you apart from everyone else.

Image credit to @gxbbygossipnails

5. 3D Clouds

If you want to make a statement with a manicure, then this eye-catching design is ideal for you. 3D nails add depth to your manicure. Whether it’s for a holiday, special event, or occasion; this design will be a conversation starter. You can even add more customization to it by adding gems and charms, too.

6. Night and Day Clouds

This artsy nail design is a play on Night and Day. This allows for a more contrasty look on your manicure. Each time of day displays different colored clouds and objects, like the sun and the moon, which are intriguing to look at. Each hand is like a painting, where one nail connects to the other to make a masterpiece.

Image credit to @nail.brat

7. Pink Ombre Clouds

This manicure design gives sunset vibes. With great dimension being created by the ombre lilac to pastel pink gives the nails a depth that shows a more realistic appearance. Give these nails a try if you are wanting a more blending type of manicure and a trendy look with clouds.

Image credit to @nailartistbrittney

8. Plain and Simple Clouds

Craving something different than what you lean towards? This design is simpler than most manicures but the simplicity of it is so intriguing; it features a more natural colored nail but adding details that make it stand out.

Image credit to @nicollibispoo

9. Spring Clouds

Each nail on this manicure is true to the season. Adding details like rainbows, flowers, and stars add more depth.  The blue tipped cloud nails are unique, which you can mix and match with other colors customizing to your own style.

Image credit to @scratchmagazine

10. Cute Emoji Clouds

These cute nails are simple, yet interesting to the naked eye.  These clouds add a different view on the cloud nail but otherwise are enjoyable to view.

Image credit to @vibenailbarlv

11. White Foggy Clouds

Want a manicure that is different and playful? Then rainbow cloud designs are where you should focus. These bad boys are not only colorful and enjoyable to look at, but they are something that will set you apart from everyone else.

Image credit to @mireyas.nailss

12. Northern Light Clouds

This design for cloud nails is visually pleasing! The contrasting and various colors make it eye-catching. You can add a whiter background to make them pop even more, but the color shown gives a more mystic feeling.

Image credit to @alyssa.thebeautylounge.life

13. Cloud Tips

Are you a fan of a French tip? Then this is for you! These cloud tips add a different look on French tips. You can switch colors, designs, and even placement of clouds to give different looks depending on what you are looking for.

Image credit to @nailedwithlove

14. Blue Sky and White Clouds

Blue background and white wispy clouds give me blue-sky spring day vibes. However, you can customize the background according to your preference. So, if you’re not feeling blue try a different color.

Image credit to @sarahinnebraska

15. Rainbow Colored Clouds

Nude background nails with different colored rainbow clouds. This can be simple but might be a bit underwhelming if you want unique nails. 

Image credit to @taila.nails

16. Bats and Clouds

Medium grey with black bats, stars, and clouds. This design sets you apart from a lot of these designs in this article. It features a darker background but can be perfect for those fall times or even a perfect fit for Halloween..

Image credit to @amanicuredqueen

17. Pastel Colored Clouds

Bright and colorful, each finger displays a different pastel easter color. Whether you want just one pastel color or all the above the choice is yours!

Image credit to @nameznails

18. Clear Sky Clouds

This clear with white clouds can be an accent nail that differs from the rest of the mani or can be the main story. Add dimension and appeal by throwing crystals, sparkles, etc. Make it stand out!

Image credit to @aliabeautybar

19. Nude and Clouds

These nails are clean. Simple brush strokes of one color but with the added white clouds add a whimsical design.

Image credit to @nailsbyjoliee

20. Colored Cloud Tips

These different colored cloud tips, show what a French tip should be. You can customize color and placement based on your style. Making it truly your perfect manicure!

Image credit to @only_hands_nails

21. Blue Stars and Clouds

These Blue Stared Nails are intriguing to the eyes. The blue color here resembles a clear night sky. This design itself could be great on any shape nail!

Image credit to @nailsbynataliesama

22. Blue and Pink Sky Clouds

This set has a neat transition from blue to pink. This smooth ombre affect on two main nails, allows the clouds some depth and dimension.

Image credit to @giangnail.ie

23. Sparkly Clouds

This manicure hits all the right marks! Sparkly and purple. You can mix and match colors and with different types of sparkles. Adding the clouds and stars adds a more realistic look.

Image credit to @90tosa

Reflecting On the Trendy Cloud Nail

This trendy design is something out of the box, yet unique to anyone’s style. By being able to mix and match several colors you can find what works for you, no matter the nail size or shape.

If you are more of a person that likes simple things, adding small details can help enhance your manicure. Try adding sparkles and stars to your next set.

Need something different? Look no further, this cloud nail is something out of universe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are commonly used for cloud art?

Usually, soft pastel colors that resemble the sky tend to be chosen since they have a softer and airier style. The top 5 colors generally chosen are:

  1. Light Blue
  2. Pale Yellow
  3. Light Pink
  4. Peach
  5. Lavender

How do you create cloud nails?

  1. First, prep by cleaning and drying your nails.
  2. Apply a base coat to protect your nails and allow your manicure to last longer.
  3. Apply 1 or 2 coats of your chosen color for the background.
  4. Then, take your white nail polish and dip your nail art brush into the polish and use it to create cloud-like shape on your nails. Make sure to make the clouds like how clouds look in the sky.
    1. Alternately, you can use the nail sponge instead of the art brush. You will want to first dip the sponge into the white polish and dab lightly onto your nails to create a cloudy effect.
  5. Finally, let your nails dry and then apply a clear coat to your nails to protect your nail design and give a glossy finish. If you desire, you may add other details once dried completely like glitter accents or other decorations.

Need any special tools to make cloud art?

You don’t necessarily need any special tools but using basic nail art tools can make the process a lot smoother. Here is a list of tools that may be helpful:

  1. Nail Brush – a pointed tip brush used for creating cloud shapes and helps blend colors.
  2. Sponges – makeup sponges can help give a soft, gradient effect for cloud designs.
  3. Nail Polish Remover and a Cleanup Brush- can help remove mistakes that you may have made on your cloud design.
  4. Dotting Tool- rounded tipped brush that’s useful adding texture to cloud designs.

How can I make my cloud nail art last longer?

  1. Make sure you have a clean base. Any debris left on the surface can cause flaws, so make sure they are free of oils and residues.
  2. Always apply a base coat and make sure to use a high-quality nail polish. A base coat allows polish to attach to your nail better and prevents staining. A high-quality polish offers better durability, and the color just appears clearer.
  3. Apply every coat using thin coats and let dry between layering which prevent chipping and smudging.
  4. At the end add a topcoat. This seals your art that you made on your nail and gives you a glossy finish.

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