30+ Edgy Green and Black Nail Designs For A Bold Look

Whether it’s in fashion, home decor, or beauty, green is all the rage. With shades that can be both dark and vibrant, it’s the perfect color to showcase your unique edgy sophistication.

Even Zendaya was seen rocking the green trend this spring after her nail artist shared a photo of her dark emerald manicure. The photo went viral because she was also wearing a sweet signet ring with the initials T and H, purportedly from her equally famous boyfriend Tom Holland.

It’s not just Zendaya giving green the spotlight, as Kendall Jenner also showed off her nails on Instagram along with pals Hailey Beiber and Justine Skye. Their trio of manicures gave millions of people inspiration, with Jenner and Beiber opting for a solo show of green, and Skye opting for a groovy pattern.

But we want to take things up a notch, and there’s no better way to bring edginess to a design than by adding black to your nail art. Combine ANY shade of green with a timeless black to create a dynamic duo of color works in both matte or glossy finishes.

Before you go to your next nail appointment or start a self-care manicure session, check out these 30+ designs you can try. There’s a design for every nail shape, style, and occasion!

32 Edgy Green and Black Nail Designs To Try

1. Metallic Renaissance

Go BOLD with this black and green half moon-style design! Its silver metal accents make them an edgy dream for the nail rebel.

If you like big colors and designs that won’t go unnoticed, this design is for you.

2. Green Welcomes Matte

Forget cliche cheetah print and consider this fiercely gorgeous animal-inspired design instead. We love the coffin shape nails which provide a large area to showcase the design, and that the matte finish contrasts with its daring pattern.

The best part? This design can be easily recreated at home!

3. Geometric Gel Babe

Capture both edginess and elegance with this geometric design that’s anything but boring!

The nude base of this nail design accentuates the simple but sharp green and black shapes. You can also choose another color for your base to make it your own.

4. Grinning for Green

Image Credit: mrcandynails

Neon green + black = electrifying perfection. With a glossy black and bright green, this nail design is the queen of contrast. Each nail has a different design, from a simple color to trendy checkerboard and flames. Not to mention that sick smiley face. Sign us up!

5. French Edge

Image Credit: nailpromagazine

Abstract art isn’t just for your walls.

This design is a twist on the classic French tip style, instead outlining the nail in a black line and contrasting the solid dark with a neon green.

6. Villain Nights

Image Credit: nailpromagazine

This design takes major inspiration from Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, focusing on the Halloween spookiness by portraying its villain, Oogie Boogie.

He’s just a small part of this design though, with most of the nails utilizing its black and neon green color palette to create haunting spider webs. These are the perfect nails for spooky season!

7. Halloween Mashup

Image credit: reckless.nails

Neon green shows no signs of stopping, so we’ve added another design to this list!

This one blends classic designs like a neon green drip and Yin and Yang symbol, plus spooky spirals and jack-o’-lantern faces. The stiletto nail shape is just the icing on the spooky cake.

8. Dotted & Lined

Image credit: baebae__nail

Looking for a design you can easily create at home? Don’t let the picture fool you! This design looks intricate but with a bottle of green and black polish, you can give yourself this look. Just paint two nails a matte black and draw a line off center with green polish, then paint three nails green and spackle them with black nail polish.

9. Black vs. Green

Image credit: nailzbyjazmine

Black and green are dynamic in this gel nail design, featuring identical designs but different colors on each hand. Metal accents adorn each nail, leveling up its style.

This design may require a little extra work, but it will be well worth the effort.

Can I mix edgy green and black nail art with traditional designs?

Absolutely! Nail art is one of the most accessible forms of self-expression, and with some affordable nail polish and creative inspiration, you can channel your inner artist using your nails as a canvas.

There’s no set of rules when it comes to edgy nail art, that’s what makes it so appealing to people of all backgrounds. Contrasting styles may be unconventional, but they make an interesting motif that are the epitome of edgy design.

Edgy elements like chrome overlays, busy patterns, bright and dark colors can be paired with more traditional silhouettes and color palettes to create a truly unique design.

For example, green and black provide the perfect contrasting balance between rich darkness and lively hues, making it a wonderful option for a multicolor ombré effect and fun holiday designs highlighting the sparkling nostalgia of Christmas, eerie images of Halloween, or festive greens of St. Patrick’s Day.

10. There’s No Hiding From Camo

Image credit: happybeauty.nailss

We can’t talk about the color green without mentioning the classic camo print. Even if camo isn’t your thing, this design is edgy and offers just a pop of camo flair.

With just a few colors (and shades of green), you can create this well-known design.

11. Green Black Drip

Image credit: madi_cured

Get everyone’s attention with this striking nail design.

Not only will the neon green light up any room you’re in, but each hand has contrasting colors that will further make these nails stand out. One nail is emphasized with a lively drip, and another with a gorgeous set of gemstones.

12. Subtle Halloween Surprise

Image credit: nailsby_avril

Want something a little more feminine?

This design proves you can have both black and green while keeping it light and soft. At first glance, you might see a simple foliage design but there are the cutest little black ghosts, bats, sparkles and more there to surprise!

13. Radioactive

Image credit: gorejessnails

If we’re talking about edgy nails, this design has to be on the list – just look at those sharp edges!

The ombre starts with a green so dark it seems black, and ends with a fresh bright green shade. Whether it reminds you of lush greenery, slime or even aliens, this design would be a fun shake up.

14. Squiggle For Green

Image credit: starnailsns

Play with green and black in this exciting, modern design!

Just a few pops of electrifying green and a contrasting black makes this squiggle design stand out among the rest. Get creative with your squiggle lines or try out different shapes.

15. On A Scale of 🐍 to 👽


Extraterrestrial vibes are oozing from this alien and snake-inspired design. Feel powerful with the metallic accents and bold patterns, and surprise everyone with its glow-in-the-dark details.

Pick this nail design for your next look and we guarantee it’ll be a conversation starter at the next party!

16. Fire & Flame

Image credit: carlys_nail_artistry

If you want to go bold but keep it classy and sleek, this design is for you. It levels up the flame trend by outlining them in a vibrant green, and keeping the rest of the nail bare.

We love the classic checkerboard pattern too, and it’s even better in n this design using a glossy back and spirited shade of green.

17. Goth Halloween

Image credit: lollystalons

Take a break from the bright greens and bring out your inner goth babe.

Each claw is painted in a calming green with pops of glittery pink, then contrasted by black mini drips and a screaming ghost. The perfect combination of gothic style and Halloween imagery.

18. Wire Bound

Image credit: lilitaylornails

Edgy aesthetic is screaming out from this nail design!

A green ombre base is elevated to edgy status with hand-painted barbed wire. The silver and black design is a wonderful contrast to the graphic green.

19. Oh My Matcha!

Image credit: nailedbybreanna

Nail designs can take inspiration from nearly anything, including your favorite cafe drink!

The ubiquitous green color of matcha is the muse for this nail art design, featuring a twist on a French tip with a minimalist style. With three nails in a glossy black, the graphic nails truly stand out.


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20. Have It All & Have It Now

https://www.instagram.com/p/CukCGCeA_OE/ (video so needs a screenshot)

Are you one of those people that has a hard time choosing just one or two designs? A style like this one, where every nail features something different, is your solution.

From mini smiley faces in neon green to a checkerboard pattern and bold star, this design has it all!

21. Delicate Skulls

Image credit: spellboundxnails

Skulls can be cute, and this design proves it!

To recreate this design, all you need to do is line the tip of each nail in a gorgeous, bright teal green. Then draw a tiny skill at the top center of each nail, and paint a black leaf outline to the edge of the nail.

22. Winter Is Coming

Image credit: af_nailart

What do you get when you throw together green, black, the holiday season and a little bit of edginess? This design!

We had to include a winter design on this list, and this one is the perfect one. It combines dark greens, a velvet black sweater overlay, and an adorable reindeer.

23. Go Go Gradient

Image credit: 1.800.nailme

Sometimes simple means complicated, but the beauty of this design is worth the work.

The airbrush effect of this gradient design creates a seamless transition from a dark black to neon green. With this design on your nails, you’ll be wearing art every day.

24. A Mix of Matte & Gold

Image credit: nailtotete

Looking for something new and unique? We’ve never seen a nail design like this before!

Matte takes over in this design, with one nail covered in matte dark forest green and the others in contrasting black and white. But what really makes this design stand out is the simple black outlines, gold and black French tip, and gold gel accents.

25. Alien Royalty

Image credit: nailedbynatttt

Aliens have arrived on Earth and they’re invading these nail designs.

In this design, a minty green is the feature color, providing a gorgeous contrast to the glossy black. Scale-like patterns in a French tip style and silver gems round out the design.

26. Go-To Glitter

Image credit: karenmackmannails

There’s no design on this list that’s easier to recreate than this classic glitter style!

Grab a bottle of green and black polish, plus your favorite glitter, and you can be rocking these nails in under an hour.

27. French Tip Makeover

Image credit: eriishizu

Eye-catching, abstract shapes dominate this half-moon design. Look closely and you’ll see that every nail is different, so you can get creative testing out new green shapes on the black base.

28. Spellbound Style

Image credit: nailsbyyese

If you’re feelin’ witchy this spooky season, these nails need to be high on your list of designs to try.

With a black base, the green moon and stars really pop and create a mysterious aura of enchantment. Plus, the silver glitter accent nail is the perfect, magical touch!

29. Abstract Tartan

Image credit: nailmail.box

Do you spend the fall and winter seasons in cozy tartans and plaids?

Bring your fashion style to your next nail look with this design that uses multiple shades of green! Paint a freestyle line with a Christmas green, then make a tartan design using a darker green and black in thin lines.

Creating Edgy Nail Art Designs At Home

For crisp lines, use tape to block off sections of your nail. A nail pen is great for dots and building rounded shapes. Paint brushes (even cheap ones from a discount store!) are amazing for detail and more intricate work. You can also use old makeup sponges to create an airbrush effect, making it the perfect tool for ombré and even tie-dye designs!

30. Khaki Mod

Image credit: the_pamper_nest

Squiggles and a ‘60s mod style come together in this free flowing design. Ditch the neon greens and deep hues for a khaki green, and pair it with black for a bold design that works in any season.

31. Slither To The Edge

Image credit: qvnailssv

Snakes dominate this sleek design, but the entrancing green and strong black are what really makes it stand out.

The best part? You can use nail stickers to save time creating the snakes in this design at home!

32. Green Starring Black

Image credit: santi.nail.studio

Become the star of the show with these green and black nails!

This design uses two complementing shades of green, and a bold black to outline the provocative star. And the small gems add a feminine touch to an otherwise edgy design.

Making Green & Black Nails Last Longer

Unfortunately, all nail art has to come off at some point — unless you’re using great quality press-on nails. However, there are a couple ways you can make them last through your busy days and nights.

First, it’s important to give your designs a healthy base by prepping your nails. Buffing your nails is crucial for providing a smooth surface for polish to stick to, and you need a nice surface before you attempt any of these edgy green and black designs.

Remember, you’ll also want to make sure your hands and nails are clean before starting any design.

Second, a strong base coat and chip-resistant top coat will extend the life of your manicure. You can even reapply a top coat every few days to ensure your design stays put! This is especially helpful when you’re wearing darker colors like black and some greens, because it’s always more noticeable when dark polish chips.

Lastly, be gentle with your hands and nails. That means wear gloves if you’re doing manual labor, washing dishes or cleaning the house. Damage to your nail polish or top coat can occur when they’re exposed to certain chemicals, or even submerged in water for long periods of time. It may seem unnecessary, but you don’t want your new edgy green and black manicure to be ruined!

Envy-Worthy Edgy Manicures You’ll Love

Now that your mind is spinning with so many edgy green and black nail designs, are you ready to start designing your next manicure?

Green and black are a striking combination, so you’ll love any design you choose to recreate on your own nails. And because all of these designs have a fashionable edge, they’ll work as an everyday look or for special occasions.

Follow our tips for getting your nail art last longer, and you can show off your edgy green and black designs at work, during date night or the next holiday party.

Whether you choose to go with a more modern or gothic style, or a completely out-of-the-box design, everyone you know will be asking you about your nails!

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