How Much Do Perms Cost? (For Girls & Guys!)

We bet you never expected this, but stand back, ladies, because the perm is officially back in business! Perhaps it’s because of that simple, straight hair that you see in every magazine that women and men have grown sick of. 

Here’s what you should know about perms, the blast from the past! Perms can take around two hours to complete depending on the perm style and length, but how much does a perm cost exactly?

On average, you can expect a perm to cost anywhere from $40 to $200. Haircuts, perming methods, and length determine the perm costs for men and women. Also, perm styles such as spiral, root, and beach wave all use different techniques and cost differently. Lastly, the risks of doing a perm at home outweigh its rewards by a long shot.

How Much Does a Perm Cost for Guys

Many men are unsure of what to expect when it comes to the cost of a perm. So how much can a guy expect to pay for a perm? The average perm cost for guys is around $70.

However, the price of a perm for guys can typically range anywhere from $40 to $150. Many factors determine how much men can expect to pay for a perm.

1. Cut & Finish

Most men who visit the salon to get a perm will almost always receive a haircut at the same time. If you want to cut off a significant amount of hair, your stylist will do this before the perm. Let’s be honest: a perm looks ten times better on freshly cut and shaped hair.

However, not all men need a haircut before getting their perm. Without a haircut, men can expect to pay almost $20 less for a perm.

2. Hair Length

Hair length is one of the most essential factors determining the cost of a perm for guys. As expected, someone with longer hair can expect to pay more for a perm because it requires more rods and solution. The more equipment and time the stylist spends on the perm, the more money it will cost.

Since men’s hair is generally shorter than women’s, hair length is one of the only reasons why a guy might pay less for a perm than a woman.

3. Stylist Experience

You know what they say when you visit a salon: you get what you pay for. If you want one of the best perms, you’ll like it done by only the best! Since perms are a technical process, you want to make sure you’re visiting a reputable stylist. 

How Much Do Perms Cost at a Salon

As with all hair services, the salon’s perm cost varies. However, you can expect a perm to cost anywhere from $40 to $200. 

Sometimes, high-end salons may cost even more than a budget salon since they employ more reputable hair stylists and use high-quality hair products.

How Much Does a Perm Cost for a Girl

While women can expect to pay more for a perm than men, the average perm cost for women can range anywhere from $30 to $400. The perm prices for women can vary due to several factors, such as methods and styles. The final cost of a perm will be determined by everything from hair length, type, and the amount of hair.

1. Perming Methods

Many people think of big curly hair from the 80s when referring to a perm. Women who had perms in the 80s had thick and voluminous hair. With styles advancing since then, many women have different perming methods.

Whether you have long, short, or medium-length hair, there’s a perming method for your hair type.

2. Hair Length

This is a no-brainer, but the longer the hair, the more a woman can expect to pay for the perm. The longer the hair, the more chemicals a stylist needs. Your hair stylist will also spend more time on your perm, which is why long hair perms cost more.

3. Salon Reputation

Another factor determining the cost of a perm for women is the salon’s reputation. If going to a high-end salon, you can expect to pay more for a perm. As we mentioned earlier, high-end salons employ some of the best hair stylists, resulting in higher prices.

How Much Do Perms Cost in California

According to Style Seat’s internal appointment data, a chemical perm can cost anywhere from $45 to $120. The average cost of a perm differs for each state, with South Dakota ranking as the most expensive and Mississippi ranking as the least costly.

The average cost of a chemical perm in California is around $93, that’s $19 higher than Florida, which has an average price of $74. 

How Much Do Perms Cost for Different Lengths?

Similar to other hair services, the cost of a perm will also depend on how long your hair is and other factors. 

How Much Does a Perm Cost for Medium-Length Hair

The average perm cost for medium-length hair is anywhere from $60 to $200. Women or men with medium-length hair may not want a tight curl. In this case, you can choose a loose curl for a more relaxed wave look.

How Much Does a Perm Cost for Short Hair

The average perm cost for short hair is anywhere from $30 to $150. Contrary to popular opinion, women and men with longer hair aren’t the only ones who can get a perm. If you desire relaxed waves, you can get a short bob with twisted strands, topped off with bangs in the front.

Even though it may not seem like it, there are many hairdos you can achieve with short hair. With a short bob, you can have waves of any size and pull off a chic grunge look.

How Much Does a Perm Cost for Long Hair

The average perm cost for long hair is anywhere from $80 to $400. Let’s be honest; it’s almost every young girl’s dream to have long, breathtaking curls. So why not give a perm a try?

One of the many factors determining the cost of a perm for those with long hair is whether they’re getting curls or perm waves. 

Chemical Choices in Perms

According to WebMD, ammonium thioglycolate is the most commonly used chemical in perms. Women and men with thinner or more fragile hair might get a more gentle perm, which uses glyceryl mono thioglycolate.

Before scheduling your appointment for a perm, consult your hair stylist to ask what chemicals are used in the hair treatment. Many hair salons perform perms on their clients using safe, tested ingredients unlikely to cause side effects.

Geographical Price Variance

Depending on your geographical location, the price of a perm can vary. Salons in upscale neighborhoods or big cities might have higher perm prices than those in smaller towns.

How Much Does it Cost for Different Perm Styles?

In large part due to the techniques and tools used, the cost for different perm styles can range anywhere from $40 to $800. Different perm styles, such as spiral, stacked, and beach wave, use other techniques and cost differently. 

Here are some of the different perm style types and their costs so you can have a general idea when booking your appointment.

Straight ($30-$400)

A straight perm is often referred to as the reverse perm, and many people are unaware that it exists. A straight perm doesn’t curl your hair, but it straightens it. For this type of perm, your hair stylist will cover your hair using a straightening solution and leave it under a heater before they wash and straighten it.

A straight perm works best for those with short to long hair and those with curly or wavy hair. With a straight perm, you can expect it to last around three months. 

Spiral ($45-$200)

Spiral perms are one of the most popular types of perms among women and will give you tight, bouncy curls. For a spiral curl, your hairstylist will wrap your hair vertically around perm rods, having you select the size of the spiral curl.

Spiral perms work best for those with curly or thin hair and will last about six months. 

Beach Wave ($40-$200)

A beach wave is just as the name states. This type of perm gives you locks that look like you just stepped off the beach. Achieving a beach wave perm is similar to a traditional perm, but your hair stylist will wrap your hair using foam rollers instead of perm rods.

Beach wave perms work best for those with straight or wave hair that’s medium or long. Since beach waves are loose waves with a bit of volume, you can expect this perm to last around six months. 

Root ($30-$80)

Root perms are for people who have straight or flat hair and want more volume. It’s essential to remember that if you have thin hair, your results might not be as noticeable as those with thicker hair. With a root perm, your hair stylist will wrap the roots with rollers.

Root perms work best for those with short to medium-length hair, giving you volume for around six months (source). 

Body Wave ($40-$200)

A body wave perm is an excellent choice for those with straight or thin hair that is medium to long length. During this process, your hairstylist wraps your hair using large rollers while applying perm solution. After, they’ll use perm rods to make a loose curl and increase your hair’s volume.

Since the body wave produces looser curls, you can expect a body wave perm to last around six to twelve weeks.

Volumizing ($40-$150)

When you visit the hair salon for a volumizing perm, this type uses waves and curls instead of tight curls to give your hair more volume. This process is similar to traditional perms, but the hairstylist removes the rods before neutralizing the perming solution. This makes your curls looser and gives your hair the desired volume.

Volumizing perms work best for straight or thin hair and only lasts about six weeks. 

Partial ($30-$100)

Partial or spot perms are when a hairstylist sections and curls only an area of your hair instead of your whole head. This process is similar to other perns, except your hair stylist will only place rods in one section. Receiving a partial perm can last anywhere from three to four months.

Stack or Multi-textured ($40-$250)

When you visit a hair salon for a multi-textured perm, your hairstylist will give you more natural-looking waves with variation. Your hairstylist will use different size rods to give curls of various sizes. With a multi-textured perm, you can expect it to last anywhere from three to six months.

DIY Perms: Risks and Rewards

Even if you use some of the same chemicals and equipment as a professional hair stylist, the truth is you don’t have the experience and technique needed to perform a well-mastered perm. If you take the do-it-yourself approach for a perm, you must be aware of the risks.

Risk of More Damage

When getting a perm by an experienced stylist, you minimize the risk of damage to your hair and scalp. Since perm solutions are very potent from the chemicals, the risk of damaging your scalp increases; if you get chemicals on your scalp at home, you might experience redness and blistering.

You might experience burning, itching, and peeling in many other cases.

Perms are Permanent

Before deciding to do a perm at home to cut back on spending, it’s essential to know that perms are permanent. When getting a perm, the curls are made to last until your hair is trimmed or grows out. Therefore, if you do a perm yourself at home and very poorly, the results will stay until you cut your hair.

It’s Not Easy

Perms look best with longer hair, but it also depends on the hair type, texture, and condition of your hair. When doing a perm at home, you might need to find out how well your hair will take to the perm. Professional hair stylists are trained to know which specific hair types will work best with the chemicals and which won’t.

In addition, a professional hair stylist knows exactly how to roll your hair for the perm. The physical phase is essential in any perm and makes the most significant impact.

One of the only rewards of doing a perm at home is that it costs significantly less than you would spend at a salon. However, the risk of doing a perm at home outweighs its rewards by a long shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do perms cost?

When a professional stylist does perms, perm costs can range from $30 to $400, with the average cost around $70. The cost of a perm varies depending on the length of the hair and perm type.

2. How often should you get a perm?

Those with short to medium hair should get a perm around every three to four months. However, always discuss with your stylist what is best for your hair type.

3. How long do perms last?

A perm will last anywhere from two to ten months, depending on the type of perm you get, the hair routine, how fast your hair grows, and how well you maintain your hair.

Wrapping it Up

If you’ve grown bored of straight, dull hair, perms are an affordable choice to get luscious curls. When you get a perm, you’ll pay anywhere from $40 to $200 at a salon. Depending on your location, the price of some perms may vary, particularly if you’re receiving services from a high-end salon.

Many factors play a role in determining the cost of a perm, such as perm styles, hair length, hairstyle reputation, location, and extra hair services. With the help of our guide, we hope you can get a general idea of what to expect the next time you schedule your hair appointment!

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