How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair? (DIY & Professional)

Are you growing bored of your current hair color? Are you considering dying your hair at a salon or at home? Well, we’re here to tell you what you can expect to pay when dying your hair. 

Here’s what you should know about how much it costs to dye your hair. While the cost of dyeing your hair at the salon is higher, it’s less damaging to your hair than using an at-home dye kit. 

When dying your hair at a salon, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50-$200+ and up to $45 when dyeing your hair at home. Factors just as stylist experience, location, products used, and additional services also affect the cost. Lastly, you can save money dyeing your hair when you book bundled hair packages. 

How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair at a Salon?

If you want to dye your hair or get highlights, heading to the salon is always one of your safest options. A professional hairstylist will always give you their best advice when it comes to coloring your hair.

A professional hairstylist might recommend a warm or cooler tone that can complement your eye and skin color. A hairstylist has the proper training and knows the techniques to apply hair color to ensure you receive the best results.

Stylists are trained on how long to leave hair dye in your hair, which hair dyes are best, and if your hair has damage, they’ll recommend maybe avoiding dyes altogether. There are various benefits to having your hair colored at the salon, but let’s talk about how much it costs to dye your hair at the salon.

Average Hair Dye Costs

Hair Color ServiceAverage Price
Single Process Color$50 – $100+
Double Process Color$100 – $200+
Ombré, Sombré, or Balayage $125+
Color Correction$100+ per hour
Tip Color $25+
Additional Color$20 – $50+

The average cost of dying your hair at the salon in the United States is around $50 to $70 for a single process color. If you visit a higher-end salon, you can expect to spend around $100+ to dye your hair at the salon. When referring to a single process color, this involves an all over color that is applied in one application.

When getting a single process color, it will typically be no more than two to three shades darker than your current color. If you want to dye your hair lighter, your stylist will need to lighten your hair before applying a new color, this is referred to as a double process color. Double process color is an additional cost, therefore you may spend around $100-$175.

If you’re thinking about an ombré or sombré effect, this is also an additional cost and you can expect to pay $125+ for this process. Root touch up and tip colors are on the lower side in terms of cost.

In addition, if you’re going to the hair salon to transform your hair from dark to light, hairstylists may charge by the hour. The location of the salon, the experience of the hairstylist, and specific techniques also play a major factor in how much it costs to dye your hair. 

How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair at Home?

If you’re on a budget and want to dye your hair at home, it’s cheaper than going to the salon; however, a professional will tell you that cheaper isn’t always better. If you ask any hairstylist, almost half the time spent on dying hair at their salon is to fix botched coloring attempts at home.

If you’re dyeing your hair close to your current color, it’s possible to do a touch at home without botching the color process. Here’s how much you can expect to pay when dying your hair at home.

Color TypePrice
Toner Kit $5 – $15
Home Dye Kit$7 – $40
Home Lightening Kit$10 – $30

When dying your hair at home, it’s best to go two to three shades darker than your current color. If you’re dying your hair blue, purple, or other vibrant colors, you’ll need to bleach your hair. You can find bleaching kits sold at a beauty supply store.

If you’re dying your hair at home, you can expect to pay around $45 to achieve your desired color. 

Average Cost to Dye Hair Per State

Even though several factors determine how much it costs to dye your hair, one of the factors that many people leave out is location. Every city and state will have different costs for dying hair based on their cost of living. Here are the average costs to dye your hair for each state.

StateHair Color Cost

Factors that Affect the Cost to Dye Your Hair

Factors that affect the cost to dye your hair are the reputation of the colorist, quality of the products used, and the range of services offered. 

1. Reputation of the Colorist

When dying your hair, it’s essential to find a hair salon that has only the best colorists with experience. When achieving your desired hair color, choosing the most experience can make all the difference. Salons that have the most experience colors invest in education and training for their employees.

An experienced hair colorist can offer the best advice on hair color to complement your skin tone and personal style. While the cost of dying your hair might vary in the salon and location, you’ll pay more in hair dying costs when you go with an experienced colorist.

Using an experienced colorist will minimize the risk of damaging your hair and ensure you will receive the best results. When I’m in doubt, pay the money and go with an experienced colorist. 

2. Quality of Products

If you want to achieve your desired hair color while maintaining healthy hair, choosing a hair salon with quality products is essential. Using quality products is important because it determines how long your hair will maintain its color. Going to a salon that uses low quality products can impact your hair in a negative way.

If your colorist uses low quality products, the harmful chemicals can damage your hair. When using low quality products your hair color may also not last as long. How long your hair color lasts depends on the quality of the products used.

When using top quality hair products, your hair color can last six weeks or longer. If your salon uses low quality products, your hair color might begin to fade after a few washes. Choosing a hair salon that uses high quality hair products is essential because it helps maintain the health and color and your hair.

With quality hair products, you won’t need to worry about frequent touch ups. So when booking your appointment, don’t be afraid to ask the hairstylist what products they’re using. 

3. Range of Services

One of the final factors that play a role in the cost to dye your hair are the range of services that are offered by your stylist. Having a great hair salon means that you can get just about any hair service you want at that location. Whether you need a hair trim, color correction, deep conditioning, or highlights, a salon that offers various services means you have everything you need under one roof.

In terms of cost, when you bundle on hair services, this will increase the cost of your hair dye services. Majority of the time, women who go to a salon to get their hair dyed also get additional services such as a trim or full blown haircut. However, there are many salons who offer their clients bundled packages, which can help save you money long term instead of booking each hair service separately.

Choosing a salon that offers various hair services is essential for your convenience and to take advance of bundled savings. 

How to Save on Costs to Dye Your Hair at a Salon

When dying your hair, you always want to save money while still achieving your desired results. So how can you save on costs to dye your hair at a salon?

  1. Pre-book appointments – By pre-booking your appointment, you’ll always know when you’re due to see your hairstylist. This ensures you don’t wait too long between visits and will reduce the amount of hair product your stylist needs to use.
  2. Follow tips – To ensure long-lasting color, don’t wash your hair for a few days following your appointment, shampoo every two to three days, and use the right hair products to maintain healthy hair.
  3. Join a rewards program – You can save money at your salon by joining their rewards program or by savings on their bundling services.
  4. Make touch-up appointments– To avoid your hair from growing out too much, you can make touch-up appointments to match your root to the rest of your hair.
  5. Be a hair model – Some hairstylists enter styling and coloring competitions to show their expertise, so the next time you make your appointment, ask your stylist about becoming a potential hair model.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it worth dyeing your hair at a salon?

Hair salons use high quality products, so if you’re looking for a better hair coloring experience, you should consider visiting a hair salon.

2. How long does hair dye last?

High quality hair dye will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

3. Why is salon hair color expensive?

Hair salons are more expensive than at-home hair dye kits because they offer high quality products that are less damaging to your hair. 

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been considering dyeing your hair, paying the extra money to dye your hair at the salon is the best option. When paying to dye your hair, you can expect factors such as salon location, stylist experience, and the quality of the hair products to play a role in the final cost.

While you can dye your hair at a salon or by using an at-home dye kit, to receive the best results, dyeing your hair at a salon is the best choice. 

With the help of our guide, you can have a better idea of what it costs to dye your hair the next time you think about booking an appointment with your stylist. 



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