4 Ways to Grow Your Fitness Business on LinkedIn and Increase Followers

LinkedIn is a platform for real professionals in their field. Unlike other resources, the main focus here is aimed at entrepreneurs and owners of companies of different sizes who are looking for opportunities to grow their business. But did you know that LI is also an ideal place to expand your customer base, search for new partners and strengthen your presence on the Internet? 

That’s why every entrepreneur strives to stand out on the platform and attract a new audience – the more prosperous the page, the greater the public’s trust in you. It sounds very serious and expert, but did you know that being a representative of creative or sports professions, it is also important for you to be here? 

If you think that this is a platform created for serious businessmen in expensive jackets, you are mistaken. As practice shows, there are many diverse users on the resource, which means that you can find your audience here, stand out and get an influential voice. Plus, this is a good opportunity to get more personal clients (if you are a trainer), for example, or to increase the number of orders for sporting goods. 

Well, if you have decided to expand your business online, we are here to help. In today’s post, we’ll share the best methods to expand your subscriber base, as well as the opportunity to buy LinkedIn followers to speed up your promotion progress and make it more efficient from scratch. Are you ready to dive into LI marketing? Keep reading!

1. Create Posts Regularly

Organic subscriber getting always starts with content. This rule works on all platforms, including professional ones. Therefore, first of all, we recommend that you focus on creating content. But keep in mind that the content should not be the same as you are used to seeing it on Insta or Twitter.

 There is much less entertainment on the platform, and expert content takes up the lion’s share here. That’s why it’s important to understand which publications will be appropriate, and which ones are better left for other sites. 

So, what can you, as a fitness business owner, publish to attract an audience? 

The results of your fitness students. 

Have you seen the before/after photos? You can publish something in this spirit, but in a more professional language. That is, when you tell users about the achievements of your students, focus on anatomy or share the techniques of performing exercises that you included in the student’s plan.

 In the case of selling fitness products, you can describe the key features of your products and tell how they can be useful in real life. 

Professional development and your training. 

This format is ideal for fitness trainers. Share information about your education with the audience, tell them how you came to the profession and what kind of training took place throughout your career. This way you’ll increase the level of loyalty to yourself as a professional and stand out. 


If you’ve been in the profession (or business) for a long time, you probably have accumulated feedback from customers or students. Publish them to prove your skills and abilities to gain the trust of the audience and show yourself as an experienced expert.

This is just a part of the fitness business ideas that you can use. To expand this list, explore the content of your competitors and get inspired.

2. Cross Promote Your Profile

Another working tactic to expand your follower base is cross-promotion. This method is effective for influencers and businessmen of any niche, but it will give the most noticeable results if you already have a base on other platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

What is the essence of this method? You publish your post in LI and share it on other resources where you have a page. Or add a link to the page in the profile header on third-party sites. By the way, you can also link your accounts to LI, and in this case cross-promotion will give you double results.

To attract more attention from readers/viewers on other sites, you can offer them a nice bonus or exclusive content on LI. As an example, it can be a discount on fitness products / services or a free guide to strengthen the buttocks. This way you’ll encourage users to follow the link and start following you.

3. Use a Third-Party Service

The advertising services market has become even bigger and more diverse in recent years. Today, in addition to services for the main platforms, you can also use boosts to expand your page on a professional website. Uses this method (or used it once)  every second is now a well-known influencer and business owner, but this is rarely talked about. 

Why? Incentives give instant results, they instantly make your page more competitive, so bloggers prefer to keep silent about these services. 

You can buy absolutely any metric, but if you have a new account, consider investing in subscribers. This is the main indicator of your statistics, so it’s better to improve it regularly so that the account flourishes. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or wait for weeks. Buying subscribers implies a full-fledged result in just a few hours, and you can start developing your page from scratch almost immediately. 

Plus, trusted providers use only genuine interactions from real users. Your page won’t suffer from bots and fakes, and the growth of the follower base will look organic and natural.

4. Join Groups

Finally, explore the groups on the platform and join them. It is important to understand that not all groups will be perfect for you. Before joining, read the description – so you’ll have an idea of which members are in a particular group. 

Keep in mind that the ideal option is to join niche groups, in which case you’ll attract the right audience and find the useful connections. Show that you are a real expert, and people will link to you. Good luck!

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